How, and Where, am I going to get sprayed when you come to my house???

You can be sprayed anywhere you would like in your home or location of your choice.  A Bronzilla Tanz represented will arrive to your home with a pop up tent. The purpose of the pop up tent is so, no tanning solution goes anywhere but your body and inside the tent. The pop up tent is about 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall, so you will have enough room to move around in it. The pop up tent will easily pop up so you can step into it and get sprayed, and when your done, you step out and you are done. The tent can be placed anywhere including white carpet and it will not damage or leave any kind of stains after.  You can view a picture of the tent on the facebook page of Bronzilla Tanz, and the photo gallery of the website. 


What should I do after the Tan?


Bronzilla Tanz recommends wearing loose clothing that is preferably a dark color. The spray tan will be completely dry before we leave. However, in case there is some rubbing you wouldn’t want to wear any light colored or tight clothing. 

Suggestions: A baggy shirt, sweats or loose shorts. We don't recommend showering, swimming or getting wet for at least 6-24 hours after your tan. You need this time for the tan to fully develop. If you get wet before the allowed time, then you do run the risk of your spray tan not developing into the best color it can be, or your spray tan coming out streaky.  


How do I maintain my spray tan?

Maintaining your tan is easy, the main thing you have to do it moisturize your skin so it stays hydrated. If you moisturized your skin after you shower or on a daily basis, then this will help extend the tan longer, help your tan fade naturally, and keep your skin looking beautiful. 


Is Spray Tanning safe?


Yes! Our tanning solutions that we use is completely safe, made in the United States, and approved by the FDA. Bronzilla Tanz only uses lines that are 100% organic, not tested on animals and vegan friendly. There are no harmful ingredients or chemicals found in any of the solutions we use. 

How long will my Spray Tan last?

Every person is different, spray tans can last anywhere from 5-14 days however this all depends on the aftercare. If you keep your skin moisturized then usually your tan will last longer.  


Can anyone Spray Tan?

Yes. Although our tanning solutions are completely safe we strongly suggest that pregnant women, people with very sensitive skin, and people with multiple allergies to lotions or latex refrain from spray tanning. These circumstances only apply to people with Extreme allergies or sensitive skin. If you do have any of these conditions and would still like to try any of our services, then we do recommend consulting with your physician before spray tanning.

What should I wear for my Spray Tan?

If you are under the age of 18, you must wear a top and bottom. None of the Bronzilla Tanning technicians will spray you without both top and bottom being present, regardless if your parent or guardian agrees to something else. If you are 18 or over you can be sprayed in whatever you feel comfortable in. Bronzilla Tanz recommends women wearing a dark colored bikini, or swimsuit but if you prefer something else you are welcome to wear whatever or nothing at all. Men you can wear boxers, briefs, or swimming shorts. 

Many people prefer to go topless or completely nude when receiving a spray tan. This decision is 100% your choice. Most people prefer this simply because they will not have any tan lines. Tanning consultants are professional and will respect your privacy regardless of your decisions. 


Do you have to be a certain age to Spray Tan?

Yes. If you are under the age of 18, Bronzilla Tanz requires you to have the parental consent form signed before your sprayed.  This from is only valid if it is signed by your parent or guardian in front of the spray tanning technician. 

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